The big move

Next Monday I will be moving from Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, to New York, the capital of the world. I will be moving with my family, a husband and two children to East Harlem, which I’ve heard all kinds of different things about. The CUNY graduate housing is located there. Living somewhere else on Manhattan is also ridiculously expensive. If the stories I´ve heard about East Harlem are correct I should be able to do some field work right outside my door steps. I am also glad that I will finally be able to use the Spanish I learned in my early twenties.

I indent to use this blog mainly to document my experience being a graduate student in NY City. I am about to start my doctoral studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

This morning I had the interview with the American embassy here in Reykjavik. It was not at all like I had expected, I was prepared to answer all kinds of personal questions about my background (and was actually looking forward to someone wanting to listen). But instead I was asked a couple of questions about my flight plans, actually more of a polite chat than real questions. I will be able to pick up my student VISA tomorrow.


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